Ready for Our Professional Volunteers?

We created Braventure to provide our nation’s best charities with trained, professional volunteers.

If you can’t depend on your volunteers, they’re a drain on your resources and effectiveness. But undependable volunteers are certainly not rare. That’s one of the reasons we created Braventure. We’re here for you even if you don’t have a volunteer department – your organization simply needs a staff member who knows how to use volunteers effectively when you need them.

We Vet our Volunteers

We’ve spent time getting to know our people – their skills, abilities, and interests, and we’ve conducted background checks on everyone, so we know there won’t be unexpected surprises. We won’t waste your time by sending volunteers who aren’t ready or right for you.

We Train our Volunteers

We educate and train our volunteers so they understand the importance of showing up – on time, ready to work, consistently. We understand the volunteer terrain and do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction and theirs.

Our Services are Free of Charge

As a nonprofit, Braventure’s fundraising activities provide the funding we need to offer this service free of charge. We’re building our database now – please contact us to learn how we can assist you.

Ongoing or One-Off?

Whether your nonprofit uses volunteers steadily or on occasion, allow Braventure to provide you with individuals with the right skills, training and interests when you need them. And what if the fit is so awesome that you both want to keep it going? No problem. We’re not protective because we never consider volunteers ours in the first place – we’re simply happy to be of service.