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Have You Ever Wanted to Volunteer?

When you see people in need, do you wish you could help? If you answered “yes” then Braventure is looking for you!

We take the guesswork out of volunteering and provide you with whatever resources you may need so you can help others, whether they’re in your own city or – by 2021 – halfway around the world.

The resources we provide are determined by the project needs you require help with so you can participate. These can include:

There are all kinds of volunteering opportunities in L.A. alone. What do you have the skills or experience to do, and what would you like to learn? What are your interests, and what would you most like to do?

Do You Want Ongoing or One-time Volunteer Experiences?

A Crisis Volunteer Experience

Crisis happen just about every day, right here in L.A. There are so many ways you can help!

Let’s say you registered with us and are now the proud owner of a Braventure Volunteer t-shirt. You hear about a fire that destroyed the homes of people who can’t afford to help themselves and you think “I want to help!” Just call us, and we’ll make that possible.

We’ll know which organizations are helping and who’s in charge of volunteers. We’ll contact the organization to get up to date details and let them know you’re coming. Then we’ll fill you in completely on what you’ll be doing when you get there, starting with who you report to.

Once you’ve registered with us, we’ll even be able to provide you with a bus pass and lunch money if you qualify for it. And your own free Braventure Volunteer t-shirt, of course! Before you even set out, you’ll know the details of what’s needed and how you might be helping. A crisis is often a confusing and charged experience, so we will have prepared you well to do your best. We will do everything we can to help make it a very satisfying experience.

An Ongoing Volunteer Experience

Perhaps you’d rather have a more consistent volunteer experience, where you show up for a set amount of time, month after month. We can arrange that too! We have a database of organizations that are just waiting for you. We’ve done our homework, so we understand their volunteer programs and the kinds of volunteers they’re looking for. We’ll align them with your skills, experience, and interests so we find the best fit for you. We’ll also prepare you to be a professional volunteer who understands what’s needed to be the very best you can be.

Ready to get started? Just call us. We’ll answer all your questions and get the ball rolling.

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